Save the Plates

$200; hours on the phone with the insurance company, a lawyer, and an accountant; a hero…

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Officer Education

One of my earliest memories of life in NYC was stopping two police officers to report…

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Test prep materials

Grad Giveaway Grief

Test Prep Materials (Williamsburg) Teachers’ materials for SAT, GRE, SHSAT, and GMAT. Mostly 2005-2012, some with…

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Personal Identification Number

Personal Identification Crisis

PayPal told me to enter my four-digit security code “one digit at a time.” How else…

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Two blow dryers

The Good, the Fair, and the Right

Sometimes doing what’s fair doesn’t result in doing good. Smart people analyze how this counter-intuitive truth…

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Take My Sheets… Please!

I got some new sheets as a gift and decided to offer my old ones free…

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Times Square NYC

NYC Trivia

After 9-11, there was a brief period during which the rest of the country liked New…

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Want to hear the grossest thing ever? Okay not ever, but still gross enough. My car’s…

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school backpack on hook

Directions & Perspective

For a while now I’ve been eying some of the brightly patterned back packs my students…

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Lost wallet

Lost Wallet

I lost my wallet on the bench in the subway station near my house. Is it…

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