2012 Note: Everything on this page and on the posts to which it links is copied directly from the website I was writing at the time. I’ve only fixed a bit of spelling and taken out a bunch of long-dead links. The last six lines on this page refer to pages I’ve decided not to re-post, at least for now. If you would like to see anything listed here, please email me.
This page is a response to emails and calls from my friends and family around the world. It has my impressions and experiences being in New York right now and pictures and stories from some of my friends.

It is not inspiring.

It is not complete.

It is not necessarily accurate.

It is not formatted or pretty, and it doesn’t use Flash.

It’s just what I’ve seen or heard.


Day One Finding out, going downtown, watching it happen
Day Two
City tries to respond, beginning to hear from people
Day Three
Recovery ramps up
Day Four
Plodding on
Day Five
Dumptrucks and memorials
Day Six
Refugees and waste
Day Seven
I can’t write, but others do
Six Weeks Later
Still angry and sad
Better Days
Ivan and I visit the World Trade Center
Jugglers List of New York-area jugglers confirmed alive and okay


Other stuff that I had up back then, but it’s not mine (and many of the links are dead), so I’m not re-posting them.

Friends Stories Other people’s accounts
Tim’s Photos and Videos Tim skated down immediately too, only he took a camera
Christopher’s Photos 1 Christopher lived in Battery Park City
Christopher’s Photos 2 More photos of Christopher’s
Dennis’s Photos Wow.
Information Reference sites on where to get real information


These stories are also now archived by the National 9/11 Memorial Museum. To view through the Memorial, click here.