Silhouettes of men point at a silhouette of a woman

Why Blame the Victim?

My incredible sister Carita Gardiner writes a thoughtful weekly blog called Why Wednesdays. This week, she…

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Where Do You Get Your Crabs?

On a business trip to Baltimore, I walked to Inner Harbor and was enticed by a…

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red hat red wall

Life in Links

Places I’ve been, stuff I’ve done. This is most of my life in links.   Now…

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hearing aid


One time when I was visiting Al he asked me to help him deal with some…

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ham sandwich

Me or a Ham Sandwich

By late 2011, I was finally beginning to get some recognition from Al’s caregivers at the…

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Pedro Friedeberg hand chair

High Five, Wi-Fi, & Dares

I have a hillbilly friend who stays here once a year for the unicycle festival. I…

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Ronne's Rugelach

Chooze Something Else

Who the hell puts cream cheese in ice cream? Cream cheese is okay. Cheesecake is okay.…

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Annika, Auntika, & Grandma-ika

Today is my niece Eden’s tenth birthday. Next week she’s coming to spend her spring break…

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Salamanca, summer 1982

Reflections on an Inspiring Teacher

Last weekend while I was in Chicago for my high school reunion, I visited one of…

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Sparkly Book

Poetry is Fancy

My sister, who teaches high school English, had to leave home for a meeting with a…

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