hearing aid


One time when I was visiting Al he asked me to help him deal with some…

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Sweetleaf LIC coffee and pastry

The Thought That Counts

My friend Gameboy said he’d help me with a big event I was producing, the 2012…

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Dry forest

Puerto Rico 1999

Jon and I went to Puerto Rico in September of 1999. Neither of us really wanted…

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ham sandwich

Me or a Ham Sandwich

By late 2011, I was finally beginning to get some recognition from Al’s caregivers at the…

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Portrait of George Washington

1: South Ferry, Manhattan

Tuesday, March 15, 2011 Sometimes, admittedly not as often as I’d like, I learn from my…

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Want to hear the grossest thing ever? Okay not ever, but still gross enough. My car’s…

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Pedro Friedeberg hand chair

High Five, Wi-Fi, & Dares

I have a hillbilly friend who stays here once a year for the unicycle festival. I…

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Ronne's Rugelach

Chooze Something Else

Who the hell puts cream cheese in ice cream? Cream cheese is okay. Cheesecake is okay.…

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school backpack on hook

Directions & Perspective

For a while now I’ve been eying some of the brightly patterned back packs my students…

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Lost wallet

Lost Wallet

I lost my wallet on the bench in the subway station near my house. Is it…

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