New York Stories

Living in New York is different from living anywhere else in America.

We walk to a bodega or deli for lunch instead of driving to a chain restaurant or strip mall. We all know what bodega means, and we don’t question that we’re calling a Korean-owned store by a Spanish name. Once we’re there, we are perfectly likely to pick up a tray of sushi and a bowl of matzoh ball soup and sit down with a stranger eating a knish.

This section of Viveca’s Vanity Site is dedicated to stories about life in this strange and wonderful city.


Note: This page appears in chronological order (top to bottom) not blog standard.

Taking Out the Trash
Moral Dilemma
Please Wait To Rob This Bank
Subway Shooting
The Smell
It’s All About the Shoes
Decimal Dummy
Complaining Like Americans
Lost Wallet
Directions & Perspective
NYC Trivia
Take My Sheets… Please!
The Good, the Fair, and the Right
Personal Identification Crisis
Grad Giveaway Grief
Officer Education
Grad Giveaway Grief
Save the Plates

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