David Gallo Design, Partner, 2014–Present

  • Produce Phish’s New Year’s Eve gag at Madison Square Garden (2016-present)
  • Co-directed Bindlestiff Family Cirkus: Brooklyn Abridged (2019)
  • Collaborate on artistic process
  • Assist on design process
  • Manage the studio, supervise employees, and oversee the business

Sesame Street, Art Director, 2018–Present

  • Manage the art department
  • Supervise scenery and prop build, installation, and removal
  • Assist on design process

Playful Productions, President, 2018–Present

  • Direct and co-produce the International Jugglers Associations Stage Championships (2013-present)
  • Directed Take Two at Canal Park Playhouse (2012)
  • Directed Stunt Lab  at Canal Park Playhouse (2012) Show sold out its scheduled run and was extended. The New York Times said, we had “invented a new genre, Jackass for nerds.”
  • Founded and produced the NYC Regional American Youth Circus Festival (produced 2011-2012, co-produced in 2014) One-day event includes over 30 workshops, meals and snacks, and a Showcase performance for 100 kids.
  • Co-produced The Grand Falloons’ A Village of Fools/Soutine, Singer, and the Stories of Chelm (2007-2009)
  • Produced Juggle This Show Spectacular (2001 and annually 2003-2011)
  • Produced Night of Freaky Juggling at Coney Island USA (2007)
  • Co-produced New York City’s juggling convention (2001 and 2003-2011)
  • Provide circus and variety artists and instructors for special events, television, corporate training, and education programs

Big Apple Circus, Program Consultant, 20152016

  • Directed Circus to Go program, providing circus performers for events, school assemblies, and stage shows
  • Coordinated four Circus of the Senses® performances (two each in two tour markets) for children with vision and hearing impairments
  • Produced ten Big Apple Circus Embraces Autism performances (six theater shows and four performances in four different Circus tour markets) for audience members on the spectrum

Bindlestiff Family Cirkus, Director of Youth Programs, 2004–Present

  • Direct and co-produce Bindlestiff Cavalcade of Youth performances (2-4 shows/year since 2002)
  • Teach circus skills at Children’s Workshop School and through other programs
  • Lead workshops and participation groups at American Youth Circus Organization
  • Performer, box office/house manager, carpenter, roustabout, and bartender
  • Consult in strategic planning, budgeting, and marketing as Advisory Board member

CircusTalk, Media and Communication Director, 2014 – 2015

  • Managed an international online news magazine, including assigning and editing contributions from many non-native English writers
  • Researched and wrote news articles, feature stories, and other magazine content
  • Wrote web content including user instructions, FAQ, and error messages
  • Wrote marketing materials, advertisements, social media posts and responses, email notifications and newsletters, and other corporate communications

Flying Karamazov Brothers, Company Manager, 2005–2008

  • Made all travel and tour arrangements
  • Coordinated auditions
  • Ran company office

Circus of the Kids, Coach, Stage Manager, Writer, 2002–2015

  • Taught juggling, rolling globe, roller skating, clowning, fire eating, quartet, mini-trampoline, trapeze, web, wire, hand balancing, and teeterboard
  • Managed all video and audio, including overseeing four-camera HD video shoot
  • Created and executed publicity campaigns resulting in television, radio, and newsprint attention
  • Directed roustabouts and other stage crew
  • Wrote and edited show scripts, press releases, and marketing materials
  • Assisted with rigging, concessions, costuming, marketing, and souvenirs

Big Apple Circus, Director of Special Projects, 1996–2001

  • Directed financial and operational aspects of Circus To Go!®. Doubled annual gross revenues to $350,000 in FY 01
  • Directed Beyond the Ring® program, educating children about circus. Doubled program hours and earned income and increased annual reach from 100 to 700 children. Managed annual budget of $130,000 and oversaw a staff of 14
  • Directed all strategic and operational aspects of Circus of the Senses® performances for blind and deaf children
  • Developed mission for Circus For All!®, which provides tickets to children with special needs
  • Designed and created organizational materials including Study Guide and Hospital Activity Book
  • Created and implemented membership and promotional activities in partnership with other cultural organizations
  • Coordinated new reception tent design to address needs of multiple internal and external constituencies
  • Created trademarks Beyond the Ring® and Circus For All!® and managed all intellectual property protection

Big Apple Circus, Manager of Special Projects, 1993–1996

  • Generated, developed, and implemented new program and product ideas for Health and Community Programs Division
  • Created marketing plan and training manual for Clown Care Unit®
  • Developed and adopted business plan for Circus Arts in Education program


Workshop Training

  • Performance: MotionFest
  • Clowning/physical comedy instructors: Hilary Chaplain, Andy Sapora, John Towsen
  • Juggling coaches: Jason Garfield, Jay Gilligan, Yuri Podzniakov, Viktor Kee

Yale School of Management, Master’s degree in Public and Private Management

  • Dean’s and professors’ commendations for excellence, teaching assistant, tutor

Harvard University, Bachelor of Arts

  • Cum Laude, concentration in literature

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