Better Days

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April 4, 2001.

Ivan was in town visiting for a circus-filled weekend. The weekend before we’d gone to Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey’s opening night show and party at Madison Square Garden and to the Big Apple Circus’s opening in New Jersey.

That day I took an exchange day for overtime I’d worked, and we went to the World Trade Center like tourists. I hadn’t been there since I’d lived in New York. Well, I’d been there a million times of course — for meetings and shopping and playing in the Winter Garden and transferring subway stops — I even consulted for American Express consumer card group in the World Financial Center when I first moved here. But I hadn’t been there like a tourist.

Ivan & Viveca on WTC View north. Despite that stupid doctored photo, no airplanes came from this direction.




V skylineivan real skyline

V closerIvan on WTC


Same view only one by one.



















I shoot you, and you shoot me.

V farther

Ivan fake skyline

They have a model of the city in case the actual view of the real city isn’t enough I guess. Ivan kept complaining I take pictures at the wrong times. I guess he was right.

WTC behind Ivan
From the street below. Tower in background.

I & V at CdS





That night we took a ferry to Liberty State Park for the opening night show and premiere party for Cirque du Soleil’s Dralion. We were all dressed up, so we took a bunch of pictures. This picture was taken by a Russian Riverdancer friend of Viktor Kee’s with whom we later made friends.

Weren’t they glorious?

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