Silhouettes of men point at a silhouette of a woman

Why Blame the Victim?

My incredible sister Carita Gardiner writes a thoughtful weekly blog called Why Wednesdays. This week, she…

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Where Do You Get Your Crabs?

On a business trip to Baltimore, I walked to Inner Harbor and was enticed by a…

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Save the Plates

$200; hours on the phone with the insurance company, a lawyer, and an accountant; a hero…

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Officer Education

One of my earliest memories of life in NYC was stopping two police officers to report…

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Japan & China 2017

In the fall of 2017, I attended the Japan Juggling Festival, traveled for just a few…

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Second Ave

Q: 96th Street, Manhattan

Tuesday, March 21, 2017 It’s been almost three years. At this rate, the project might never…

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Moscow, Russia 2016

This is part two of the same trip (because I can’t deal with the massive image…

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St. Petersburg, Russia 2016

St. Petersburg Once again, I decided to use David’s work as an excuse for my phone.…

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Philippines 2015

My paramour David designed the set for the Asian tour of Saturday Night Fever, which means…

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Fence cling

A: Howard Beach/JFK, Queens

Wednesday, May 22, 2013 Damaso and I were both in town at the same time, which…

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